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A pet can bring a lifetime of joy, love and treasured memories. With those happy moments also comes a special responsibility to care for the needs of your animal friend. We believe your pet deserves the best veterinary care Longmont has to offer – and  Olde Towne Animal Medical Center takes great pride in making sure he's treated like a member of the family.  Susan Muench, a veterinarian since 1990, leads Olde Towne Animal Medical Center by combining compassionate care with the latest in medical technology and treatment.

We are very excited to announce an innovative way of providing veterinary medical care!  Same personal touch.  Same advanced diagnostic and treatment options.  Same partnership for health.

We have designed a new way of doing business together.  Our goal is to stabilize your cost for the care you want to provide for your pet.  Though we have always kept our business organization simple and fees reasonable, we find that cost continues to impact treatment choices.  Our new membership plan will help make the pet's interests the number one factor impacting decisions to the pet's benefit.  For more details on our program, please visit our Companions in Health page.

Giving your pet the best possible care is our first priority.  We look forward to having you contact us with questions, or to schedule an appointment.  Thank you for visiting our site!