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Posts for: July, 2015


     2.  Guinea pigs

  • Are hardy rodents that are relatively easy to care for
  • Are generally very sweet-tempered with their caretakers
  • Are usually very vocal and can make a variety of adorable sounds, including purring and "wheeking"
  • Can live happily with other guinea pigs if they are raised together.  Just remember not to house males and females together --otherwise you could wind up with a lot of guinea pigs!
  • Can be great first pets for school-aged children
  • Are generally filled with personality and easily make their likes and dislikes known through different sounds and behaviors


          Are you considering getting a pet other than a cat or dog and wondering which pets might be friendliest?  Here is what is considered to be the top 5 friendliest exotic animals and why they can make great pets:

          1.  Rabbits

  • Bond closely with their owners
  • Are generally very interactive
  • Have different personalities that might suit the different personalities of their owners (ie. shy and quiet versus outgoing and mischievous)
  • Can live into their teens when taken care of properly
  • Can make great companions
  • Can be taught to get along with other pets such as dogs and cats -- just remember to supervise their interactions always!
  • Can be house trained



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