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        ...over the years, our pets become family. 

        Much like the "check engine" light in your car, diagnostic tests serve as an important signal to your veterinarian that a pet may suffer from an underlying health problem that isn't clearly visible through physical examination alone.  It's important for dogs and cats, especially as they age, to have periodic diagnostic testing as part of their regular wellness exams.

        Diagnostic tests play a crucial role in early detection of illnesses.  The sooner a problem is found, the sooner your veterinarian can begin work to develop a treatment plan.  This early intervention may not only increase the likelihood of a better outcome, it can also improve your pet's quality of life and may cut down on treatment expenses.

September 17, 2015
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     Take a few minutes to read this article from Vetstreet regarding Dog "Ownership" :)


5.  Bearded dragon lizards

  • Can be great alternatives to furred and feathered pets for people with allergies
  • Are usually gentle and easy to handle
  • Generally make manageable first reptile pets because they don't grow too large (no more than 2 feet long)
  • Definitely recognize and respond to their owners
  • Gesture with hand waving and head bobbing to communicate with other bearded dragons
  • Often love to cuddle with their owners when they reach adulthood

        Different species have different merits and fit the lifestyles of some potential owners better than others.  As always, do your best to educate yourself about any new pet before bringing one home, and establish a relationship with a veterinarian knowledgeable about the species you have chosen so that he or she can advise you about proper routine and veterinary care.


    4.  Cockatiels

  • Are relatively easy to hand-tame
  • Can be taught to speak words and sing songs
  • Will dance and respond to music
  • Are social eaters who love to eat when their owners eat
  • Can live 20 years or more
  • Can make great first pets for school-aged children
  • Tend to make lifelong bonds with their owners


    3. Rats

  • Are the smartest rodents
  • Many love to hang out with their owners by literally sitting on them
  • Enjoy being challenged by solving puzzles and running in mazes
  • Are incredibly neat and fastidiously clean, despite the negative connotations associated with their name
  • Come with fur of different length and colors, making them look adorable
  • Males may be calmer than females and exceptionally friendly