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     2.  Guinea pigs

  • Are hardy rodents that are relatively easy to care for
  • Are generally very sweet-tempered with their caretakers
  • Are usually very vocal and can make a variety of adorable sounds, including purring and "wheeking"
  • Can live happily with other guinea pigs if they are raised together.  Just remember not to house males and females together --otherwise you could wind up with a lot of guinea pigs!
  • Can be great first pets for school-aged children
  • Are generally filled with personality and easily make their likes and dislikes known through different sounds and behaviors


          Are you considering getting a pet other than a cat or dog and wondering which pets might be friendliest?  Here is what is considered to be the top 5 friendliest exotic animals and why they can make great pets:

          1.  Rabbits

  • Bond closely with their owners
  • Are generally very interactive
  • Have different personalities that might suit the different personalities of their owners (ie. shy and quiet versus outgoing and mischievous)
  • Can live into their teens when taken care of properly
  • Can make great companions
  • Can be taught to get along with other pets such as dogs and cats -- just remember to supervise their interactions always!
  • Can be house trained



     We encourage you to go to this website to see if it's true!

June 25, 2015
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It's OK to Not Be Concerned About Your Pet's Oral Health

    Failure to maintain your pet's oral health can lead to serious gum disease and significantly decrease your pet's overall quality of life.  When started at a young age, many pets enjoy teeth brushing!  Even many older cats and dogs can learn to love it when you introduce it slowly and make it fun.  Visit your veterinarian for toothbrushing pointers and advice -- such as avoiding using toothpaste for people because the fluoride can cause health problems in dogs and cats.

    If your pet is currently suffering from halitosis, or you suspect a tooth related problem, call your veterinarian to schedule an oral health evaluation. 

June 18, 2015
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Neutering Makes Dogs Soft

    Neutering male dogs can quiet certain unpleasant tendencies (such as mounting behavior and urine marking) when done at a young age.  At the same time, it won't diminish skills that are characteristic of a breed -- like hunting.  What's more, neutering also can help protect against testicular cancer and an enlarged prostate.

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